The Winery


The idea of creating a winery came up to founders’ mind during a night sailing lap. This happened more than twenty years have ago.

We’ve started with Carignano del Sulcis and Vermentino di Sardegna grapes in 2000, after some year we’ve added Nasco Aromatico, Moscato di Calasetta and small Bovale (Bovaleddu).

Tough we are young we’ve learned quickly. St. Peter Island climate and ecosystem give us clear rules, though sometimes. There’s no discussion about, you can only accept them.We moved to action, days spent under a blazing sun, efforts of men and women that made all this possible. Today we proudly present the essence of this, our wines made from autochthonous grapes.


With the peculiar name “U-Tabarka” the winery wants to pay homage to our land: this name is taken from Tabarka, a small tunisian village, where a small colony of Genoese fishermen settled in late 11th century. In 1738 the same colony moved totally to the Island of St. Peter, once uninhabited.

Unmistakable identity

Since its founding, Tanca Gioia has kept faith with values ​​that we hope you will share and appreciate.

On top we were stimulated by the passion to discover and exploit the native vines, historically grown on the island: Carignano del Sulcis, small Bovale (Bovaleddu), Nasco Aromatico, Moscato di Calasetta, Vermentino di Sardegna. Each of these varieties, grown ungrafted (no rootstock), has a clear and distinct identity: we must think of them as a fruit, like an apple that obviously has a different taste from a pear.

The cultivation of the vines is carried out with minimum human intervention, with traditional treatments and little or no irrigation. Each vintage is the daughter of days of sun, wind and rain that plants have lived. Each vintage is special, peculiar.
The sandy soil and moist wind from the sea give us salty and minerals wines. During vinification we work to preserve the aromas, elegance and character. All our wines live and evolve in steel and glass, we do not use oak.