Our Vineyards

All of our vineyards are located in the heart of the island, spread over several parcels, each with different characteristics and peculiarities. We have 3 parcels in the Gioia area, where the winery is located and where we cultivate mainly red grape varieties such as Carignano and Bovale.

A little further north, on the road that leads to the majestic Capo Sandalo lighthouse, we have the most important vineyard, in the locality of Tanche, where about 15 thousand plants between Vermentino, Nasco and Moscato find their perfect habitat.

All our soils are mainly sandy, surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub with the characteristic flora of these territories. Rosemary, myrtle, cistus, helichrysum and other Mediterranean plants frame our vineyards.

The sandy composition of the land allows us to cultivate ungrafted vines, that is, without grafting of American vines. This tradition of grafting spread in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century, to compensate for the phylloxera, a small parasite that in that period decimated the vast majority of the national wine scene. But in particular conditions, such as sandy soils, this parasite is unable to survive and allows us to grow our vines without rootstock.

The ungrafted vines allow us to obtain wines of great elegance and persistence, as well as to create products that fully reflect the terroir in which they come to life.

Every square meter, every plant is in sight of the sea and its breath. The wind in Carloforte is almost constant, the real difference is between the normal breeze or the placid sirocco and the overwhelming mistral. The Mediterranean scrub most exposed and closest to the cliffs is shaped from birth: it remains low and oriented according to the mistral axis (mistral – France) and sirocco (Africa).

Wind from the sea, sandy soil and the absence of barriers between the grapes and the roots (free foot) ensure that all our wines are quite mineral and in particular, sapid.