Our Vineyards

All our vineyards are located in the center of the island, divided into two large plots: we call them Vigna Alta and Vigna Bassa. Both Vignas added together make a little less than 10 hectares of dry and sandy soil, ideal for an extreme-quality viticulture.

Thanks to the sand we can afford to cultivate vines ungrafted (without rootstock of american vines). This feature is very important because, according to the leading experts in modern microbiology of the soil and according to the elderly, the rootstock behaves as a filter and distorts and depletes wines as compared with a vine “in one piece”. Carignano del Sulcis and Vermentino di Sardegna grown in this way have exciting perfumes and a persistence.

Each square meter, each plant is in sight of the sea and its breath. The wind in Carloforte is almost a constant presence, the real difference is between the normal breeze or the gentle south wind and the bully mistral. The Mediterranean bush close to the cliffs is more exposed and it is shaped from birth: it grows short and oriented along the axis Mistral wind (Mistral – France) and Scirocco wind (Africa).

Wind from the sea, sandy soil and the absence of barriers between the grapes and the roots mean that all our wines are pretty mineral and salty.