The first Quae, 150 liters, was produced in 2005 pressing late harvested grapes with a wooden press, something remarkable.

Two years earlier, in 2003, we decided to give a new impetus to the cultivation of a native aromatic vine almost forgotten.
Why this interest? Historical research asserts that from Phoenician and Roman until the last years of 19th century this aromatic grape variety was very popular and appreciated. Then oblivion, perhaps due to the massacre carried out by phylloxera outbreak. With care and expertise we have multiplied in-house the plants necessary to understand what kind of wine could give us this white berry.
The ripe grapes bring to mind exotic fruit flavor and candied red orange peel.

It’s a sexy wine, called Quae (“Desire”), we recommend to accompany him with food voluptuous alike: oysters and raw seafood (should be served cool); fois gras, blue cheese or seasoned, bacon, bitter or flavored chocolate (served at room temperature).